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Foreign Language

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    Use a simple vertical table to memorize foreign words. In columns write foreign words. In the example of the French word.
    Every letter we write in a separate cell. In each column may be a few foreign words. Words can be highlighted. then the task for the learner easier.

    Learn Word Languages
    You can remove the color of the cells. Then the task will be more difficult.
    Learn Word Languages
    Now we have to print table on printer and cut on the line. Get a few tapes with letters. Shuffle the strips and give student. The student must make a correct table of paper tapes and call.
    Learn Word Languages
    Learn Word Languages
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    These classes do not replace regular class. But this is a great option to make the game useful for the study of world languages.
    It is very convenient. Enough 10-15 minutes for exercise.

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